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6 Free Online Memory Games to Play

You can play all kinds of games online. From arcade to the first-person shooter to racing, RPG and MMO. One of them is memory games where the player is faced with increasingly difficult puzzles to solve. Playing memory games can not only be fun but also prove to be a useful training exercise for the brain.

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Online memory games can help you absorb and retain more information, make you sharper, improve cognitive skills and visual memory, and improve concentration. That is why every one are encouraged to play such games for exercising your brain and sprucing up your memory. Here is a list of memory games that you can play online. They are fun and will help you expand your mind.

Let’s begin.

1. Mind Games

The name of the site makes it pretty obvious. Mind Games hosts many mind-based games to choose from, and all of them are free to play. There are different sections like math, memory, puzzle, word, and even the good old Sudoku. Each section hosts about 20+ games to choose from.

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I like playing Sudoku on my smartphone, but not everyone would. When it comes to Math Games, try Supermarket Numbers that will help your kid solve simple math problems. It is a time-based game with a Tetris-like layout where numbers will fall from the sky, and you have to quickly calculate to arrive at the required total on the left.

There are hundreds of games to choose from, and you can spend hours here having fun.

Play Mind Games

2. Lumosity

While Mind Games is more targeted towards kids, Lumosity has made a name for itself for creating brain training games for adults and kids alike using science. After you sign up for a free account, based on your age, education, and profession, you will receive three games a day that will slowly but steadily improve your memory, attention, focus, speed, and problem-solving skills. Most games are about finding a balance between speed and accuracy while making you dependent on your memory.

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I was once asked to act like a waiter and remember faces, names, and orders. With millions of gamers on-board from across the world, you can compare your test results with others to see where you stand and how far you have still to go. Designed to work on both desktop and smartphones, it is a must-have for all mind games lovers.

Play Lumosity

3. National Geographic Kids

I am a big fan of the National Geographic Channel. It’s one of the few channels that I watch other than sports. Netflix doesn’t count here! NGC has a dedicated kids section where they host fun and interactive games for kids which are designed to not only improve their memory, but also knowledge about the planet we live in. Pretty cool.

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For example, Funny Fill-In will have you guess what all items or animals are you going to find while deep inside the jungle. Other games involve learning and matching baby animals with their parents, identifying countries and their national animals, learning about animals’ natural habitat, and lots of quizzes.

Play National Geographic Kids

4. Crossword

There are several studies and research that has shown how solving crossword puzzles can help with the onset of dementia and Alzheimer’s disease. Have you watched The Imitation Gamewhere Alan Turing uses a crossword puzzle to test candidates? It is also a good way to learn new words and improve your vocabulary.

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AARP is a good site to play crossword puzzles. It publishes a new puzzle every day, and you can also tap into the archives to play older puzzles. You don’t have to wait for your morning newspaper for your daily dose now. Other noted sites that publish crosswords daily are The Washington Post and USA Today.

Play AARP Crossword Puzzles

Fun Fact: 21st December is celebrated as the National Crossword Puzzle day across the world.

5. Sudoku

Sudoku is a highly addictive number-based puzzle game where you will be faced with nine 3×3 matrix of numbers. The objective of the game is to fill in the blanks with numbers so that each number between 1 and 9 is only repeated once in each matrix, row, and column. Web Sudoku has thousands of Sudoku puzzles to solve in varying degrees of difficulties.

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Sudoku will force you to plan and follow a trail of numbers. An excellent game for improving short-term memory and concentration. It will help you with deductions because you will be spending a lot of time deducing blanks based on numbers you have already entered.

Play Sudoku

6. Braingle

Braingle is the last website on the list where you can play online memory games whenever you feel like testing your mental fitness. There are quite a few categories to choose from like an optical illusion, riddles, facts and trivia, puzzles, and IQ tests.

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It is also one the few sites that will let you submit custom puzzles to the platform if you love creating them. Braingle has an active community that will act as the perfect audience.

Play Braingle

Train Your Brain

Brain training apps are also helpful in training your memory in a way as well. After spending a few minutes every day, you’ll realise the progress after a few weeks. These websites are a good source of mind games that come in various difficulty levels and formats. Whether you are a kid or an adult, you will find these games engaging and challenging.

Next up: Are you a fan of word-based games? Do you own an Android? Here are some of the best word-based games for you.

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