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Another Scandal of Facebook – It Would’t Let You Turned Off Location Tracking for Ads

Facebook’s Location Tracking for Ads Can't Be Turned Off

This year Facebook was platinized for security and privacy breach, but now another scandal of this social platform has come across and that is Facebook’s Location Tracking.  Even you try but you can’t hide Facebook’s advertising system that uses your location to target ads.

Facebook’s Location Tracking for Ads Can’t Be Turned Off

Recently, it has been discovered by an American researcher that there is no way to stop Facebook from detecting your location even if you have switched off Facebook’s access. You might think that you have turned off the option in every possible way but turning off the option won’t stop this social platform to access your location. Users are unable to stop Facebook from tracking their location for advertisements.
It seems that the company is giving preference to the business interests over user privacy.  Assistant Professor of Computer Science at the University of South California- Aleksandra Korolova highlighted the issue. She said that she has found that Facebook shows ads accordingly her actual location even though she didn’t add any location details on her profile. She further mentioned in a statement that she had used all available location controls to stop Facebook’s Location Tracking.
Aleksandra Korolova said that she has disabled the Location History on Facebook. She never set on iOS the Location Data Availability for Facebook. Even, she didn’t show her current city or any on her Facebook profile but despite that, but she was continuously seeing ads targeted to her locations.
So dear readers, if you are a Facebook user then keep it in your mind that the company is spying on you wherever you go.

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