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British & Australian Languages Added in Google Assistant

Google Assistant Can Now Speak in British & Australian

Google assistant is a fun-filled activity for many people like me who just like to pass the time, checking how efficient Google Assistant is. However, sometimes the accent issue is quite annoying that you want to understand what the assistant is saying but you can’t due to a different accent as yours. In order to solve this issue, Google now gives the ability to users to switch between Australian or British accent for Google assistant across all your devices.
Many would be thinking what’s new in it as it could be done with Google assistant previously too. However, at that time, you had to change the system language from one region to another. Now you select different accent whereas keeping the same text and spelling as English US.

Google Assistant can now do British and Australian accents in the US

In order to switch between different accents, one can go to settings and swap between standard American(Australian) or British accent.  Or you can switch to Australian Accent of by following these steps:

  • Open the Google app on your phone
  • Tap the “More” tab to access the settings
  • Now click the “Assistant” tab
  • Tap Assistant voice
  • There will be two new voices for Google Assistant: Sydney Harbour Blue” is for the Australian voice and “British Racing green” is for the British accent

Google keeps on introducing new features in order to provide the improved user experience. Recently, we came to know that Google Chrome For Android will get a new Dedicated “Close All Tabs” Button that will let users trash all the tabs at once.
Now, this would be a fun activity for many people to switch to one accent and another. This feature is rolling out today, so what are you waiting for!

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