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Facebook Makes Shopping More Fun and Easy with Live Shopping Feature

Facebook Makes Shopping More Fun and Easy with Live Shopping Feature

Different Tech giants are working on incorporating shopping features not just for facilitating users but also to make money. Apple, Snapchat and Instagram are prominent names who are working to provide users with new online shopping experiences through their app. Just like other apps, Facebook is also working on new features that will help merchants to sell items easily on Live stream. Facebook Live Shopping feature will change the overall shopping experiences, merchants and buyers.

Facebook Live Shopping Feature is about to Arrive

The best thing about facebook Live Shopping feature is that customers will be able to take a screenshot via screenshot button on their screen. The screenshot button will be automatically activated when a seller will show items on their stream. By taking the screenshot, customers will be able to capture the product they want to buy and will actively send it to the buyer. After this, the merchant will be able to easily recognise what people need to buy and will send payment request through Messenger.
Facebook Live Shopping Feature will make Shopping Less Confusing
Right now the Facebook Live Shopping Feature is in the testing process and the company is currently testing it in Thailand. When this shopping feature of Facebook will be launched globally, it will change the overall experience. Previously, sellers used to pick up manual way to sell items.
When the new selling feature will be launched, it will make it easier and less confusing for both sellers and buyers to complete the overall process. So let’s wait for the global rollout of this feature.

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