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Good News For Fortnite Lovers – Fortnite Frozen Legends Pack is Now Available

Fortnite Frozen Legends Pack is Now Live

For the players of Fortnite Season 7, the Fortnite Frozen Legends pack is now available. Players will find a bundle of cosmetic items such as Fortnite skins, back bling, and wings. The price of Fortnite Frozen Legends pack is 25 US dollars. The pack is currently available for iOS, Android, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PC.

Fortnite Frozen Legends Pack is Available Now

Players can use the Frozen Legends pack in Battle Royale alone, like most Fortnite cosmetic items.  It is available for all users at the moment. Here is a list of the set’s specific contents.

Fortnite Frozen Legends contents

  • Frozen Raven skin
  • Frozen Iron Cage back bling
  • Frozen Red Knight skin
  • Frozen Red Knight Shield back bling
  • Frozen Love Ranger skin
  • Frozen Love wings

As we have informed you that the 14 Days of Fortnite has already been started from December 20, so you can now use the Snowball Launcher weapon in the game or hide within the holiday-lit Legendary Bush. You can also enjoy a festival theme to the Battle Bus, where they start the game before they drop by parachute to the island.

Fortnite is the most favourite game across the globe and has around 16.2 million players in Europe and Australia alone on PS4. This Epic game is available on Xbox, PS4, Nintendo Switch, Android, and iOS.

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