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Good News for Fortnite Lovers – Its Season 7 to Release On 6 December

Fortnite Season 7 to Release On December 6

The wait is over for the lovers of the Fortnite game. The release date of Fortnite Season 7 has been announced and it will be unveiled on December 6. Season 7 will be a winter-themed and the Fortnite map would feature snow and ice.  Fortnite Season 7 is coming with some new challenges and some new changes to the map of the game. Fortnite Season 7 start time is expected at 9 am BST (1:30pm IST) on December 6.

The image in the yesterday’s teaser showed a shadowy figure made up of stars in the night sky and two glowing white eyes. The image in the teaser is not showing anything other than the general cold theme so that we can pull anything from it.

Fortnite Season 7 is a Winter Themed

The figure in the image is wearing a crown of some sort and looks bit strange. So we can take it as metagame villain. Moreover, we have also spotted a small figure on this new dark-and-scary friend’s shoulder in the image. If you notice it carefully, you will see that this small figure is snowboarding, that is indicating towards a new mechanic or item in the game that would let players race around a new snowy map.

Official tweets have revealed that there will also be a special announcement at The Game Awards on Thursday, Dec. 6. So let’s wait for the release of  Fortnite Season 7 and see what we will get to see new in it.

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