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Google Chromebook Gets Family Link App for the Better Parental Control

Google Chromebooks Add Better Parental Controls

A year ago, Google introduced a parental control app known as Family Link on Android smartphones. This app helps parents to control and check how their children use their Android smartphones. The app gave a full-fledged control to parents that they can access that which sites their kids are visiting and which apps they can download. Parents can even lock their kid’s device down. Now, Google Chromebook gets family link app for the better parental control.

Google Chromebooks Add Better Parental Controls

Some time back, Family Link app came with limited functionality but now Google has introduced more features that will allow parents to check that how their children are using these Chromebooks. With the new features, parents can remotely lock down the devices. Kids will still have access to the Google Play store and Chrome Web Store if parents create supervised accounts. However, parents can review the activities of their kids and approve apps downloaded.
Parents can whitelist apps via this new feature. They can also control over in-app purchases with the help of supervised accounts. More interestingly, parents will also get an activity report of their kids via this app and they will come to know that how their kids have used the device. Even parents will also come to know about the time spent on the device.
Parents can also set up supervised accounts for their teenage kids but Google gives the option to teenagers to opt out of Family Link and get rid of the controls. Both Android and iOS users can use the Family Link app for parents.

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