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Google Keep Update Released – Checkout Whats New

Google Keep Update Released with New Features and Bug Fixes

Google Keep in note writing service which was developed by Google in 2013. It has both versions web and mobile app for both Android and iOS. After people demand, the search engine has started rolling out new updates to Google Keep App so it is getting even better with passing time. Google Keep new update has not come with many new features but it has come with various improvements.

Google Keep Update is here!  What’s New

It is a must-have app for those people who forget things and to remember them they like to write handwritten notes on their phones. The latest update of Google Keep has brought various improvements to the drawing canvas. It will help users to add a note in a more colourful yet easier way.
Right now one can draw spaces on the phone’s screen while adding notes but after the new update arrives Google keep will automatically keep on adding more spaces at the bottom of the notes that you have added. For this feature, you should have the latest version of Google Keep i.e. 5.0.481.05. One can update it from google play or scroll to the end of the screen when drawing. Automatically a pop up will appear which will tell that “more space has been added”.
While the update has come with this exciting feature, it also has come with some bug fixes and other performance improvements.

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