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Google Phone App for Android Gets Redesigned Interface

Google Phone App

Google has been redesigning the interface of its software across platforms. Now Google Phone App Gets Redesigned Interface. Google is basically rounding off sharp corners in all its app. The Google Phone App for Android now gets circles in it.

Google Phone App for Android Gets Redesigned Interface

The Favorites tab of the default dialer app on Pixel phones had two contacts per row until now, while the other tabs had already switched to circles. The latest update brings consistency between the tabs with circles, circles everywhere, and the contacts are now three in a row.

Previously,  a new feature in the Caller ID & spam menu of the Google Phone app has been introduced. When you will enable that feature, it will prevent suspected spam calls to disturb you. The Google Phone App automatically identifies the spam calls and redirect them to your voicemail. It even doesn’t bother to let you know about the spam calls. So, you are not notified about it but you can still listen to your voicemail if you want to.

Recently, Google Play App Receives A New Stable Update. The new update has started rolling out to a wider range of people. The new stable update has brought some new changes to the App. The most noticeable change brought to the App is that the navigation drawer is now exclusive to apps and games.

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