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Google Pixel & Pixel XL All Set to Get Google Assistant Call Screen Feature

Google Assistant Call Screen Feature Makes Its Way To Pixel & Pixel XL

We all know that Google Assistant is very active and smart. Assistant has made our lives easier by understanding different languages such as  English, German, French etc. A month back, we came to know that Google has decided to add some new features to Google Assistant on Pixel phones. The good news is that Google Assistant new features are rolling out gradually to the new as well as old pixel phones. In November, the Call Screening Feature rolled out to the Pixel 2 & 2XL. Recently, Google Assistant Call Screen Feature started making its way to the original Pixel & Pixel XL.

Google Assistant Call Screen Feature Allows You To Hang up In Case Of Spam Calls

In order to know that whether your Pixel Phone has the Call Screen feature or not, You need to do the following steps.
  • Open the Phone App on your handset
  • Click on the three-dot menu to the right of the search bar
  • Tap on settings
  • If you see Call Screen option on the list, then your phone supports this feature

Google Assistant Call Screen Feature Makes Its Way To Pixel & Pixel XL
Google Assistant Call Screen feature stole the show on Google hardware event when it was demoed on a Pixel 3. Call screening allows the Google Assistant to answer a call for you, find out who’s on the line, and show you a written transcript of the whole conversation on your display. Furthermore, this feature also allows you to hang up in the case of a spam or nuisance caller.
We all know that the Nuisance Calls have been on the rise these days. In order to avoid such calls, you can tap the “screen call” button. Google Assistant will alert the caller that you’re using a call screening service. It will allow you to pick up the call, hang up, or block the number. In addition to the call screen feature, reservation Duplex Booking, access through the locked display, another interesting new feature snapshot are also expected to roll out for older Google pixel phones. Let’s see when will they make their way to your older handsets.

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