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Google Translate Web is All Set to Get New Look by Material Theme

We know that almost all the Google Apps have received the Material Design Refresh update in the last couple of months. However, this update was spotted in early October for Google Translate on Web. Now, the Material Design Theme is rolling out on a large scale to the Google Translate Web.

Google Translate Web Updated With New Material Theme Layout

The update has given a fresher look to the Translate Website. Moreover, the newly redesigned Google Translate website has the same layout with two fields for language input and output. The changes brought to the Website are jotted down in the form of a list mentioned below. Let’s have a look.

  • Now You can switch between entering “Text” and uploading “Documents” by using a new option present below the app bar.
  • The new update has added more functionality to the Web.
  • The layout of Google Translate web version is revamped.
  • The design language of Web Version is updated using the same ‘updated labeling and typography’.
  • Navigation of the website is now easier for the users with the new design language.
  • The new functionality brought to the Web Version makes it much easier to organize and save translations that have been used or searched before.
  • The website is now more responsive to different screen size adjustments.
  • It provides a more consistent experience across smartphones, desktops, and tablets.

Google’s product manager, James Kuczmarski revealed in a blog post that Google has worked very hard to bring improvements to its Apps. He said that Initially Google translate was only limited to English-Arabic.  However, ‘Google translate’ can now translate 30 trillion sentences per year across 103 languages. In addition to all this, Google also introduced neural machine translation technology to Google Translate. Moreover, the new Google Translate NMT makes offline translations on your smartphones as effective as online translations.

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