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Great Achievement By Huawei – Sales 200 Million Smartphones in 2018 Despite Hard-times

Smartphones in 2018

No doubt, Huawei has shown tremendous growth since its launch. Back in August, the company has announced that it will forecast 200 million smartphones till December 25. However today, the company has announced that it has shipped 200 Million Smartphones in 2018.

Huawei Gets a Great Achievement by Shipping 200 Million Smartphones in 2018

The company has achieved this milestone by the strong sales of the P20, Mate 20 and Honor 10 devices. Moreover,  Huawei is famous in Europe and China because of its all type of smartphones covering the huge number of users. It is worth mentioning here that it is almost non-existent in the United States but still make huge achievement.
According to Huawei, more than 500 million people in over 170 countries are using its smartphones, an impressive achievement considering that 8 years ago the company shipped just 3 million phones worldwide.
Huawei is kept on introducing new innovative features in its upcoming smartphones.  Recently, we have come to know that upcoming Huawei P30 will feature triple rear camera setup together with the 5X Lossless Zoom Support. According to the source, Huawei P30 will come with three rear cameras. Among them, one will be of 40 MP resolution. This will help to improve the overall photo quality by combining four pixels into one. Also creates a superior 10-megapixel image.

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