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Have Fresh Look of Your Android Phone by Automatically Change Wallpaper | Guide

Do you have the same wallpaper on your device every day? I don’t. And I don’t even need to set different wallpapers for every day manually. Just a one time set up and my wallpaper changes according to my desired settings. Cool right? Don’t worry, here we are going to share this secret with you.
Why have the same wallpaper every day when you can set different ones automatically? Now change your wallpaper randomly, according to time, day, month, weather or even for different Wi-Fi connections. Keep reading if you want to automatically change wallpaper on Android devices as per the categories mentioned above.

Method To Automatically Change Wallpaper On Android

Step 1

For this purpose, we are going to use Smart Wallpaper app available on Play Store for free. It is the best automatic wallpaper changing app you can find.
best automatic wallpaper changing app - Smart wallpaper
Once it is downloaded, open it. Now as you open, the app will guide you through its features and ask you for certain permission to access the images and photos from the device.

Step 2

After everything is permitted, you will be able to see the main home screen of the app where all the conditions will be shown. Let’s see how to set the images as per the conditions and set them to change automatically.
How to automatically change wallpapers

Set Random Images

  • Tap on the first option in the homepage of the app i.e Random to get to the next screen.
  • Now on this screen, tap on the + icon to add images. Here you will get to choose whether you want to use your own image from the gallery or any other images from the Unsplash collection.

Set random wallpaper

  • Once you are done selecting the images, tap on the tick icon on the top right corner and you are done.
  • In addition, you can also set the timings or frequency in which the image will change or enable tap on-screen option for changing the image. For this tap on the settings icon at the top right corner inside the Random section.

Set random wallpaper settings

Set Images For Each Part Of The Day/ Time Of The Day

  • Tap on the second option on the homepage of the app i.e. Part of the day. Here you can set wallpapers that will change with time of the day.
  • Then tap on the + icon and a pop-up menu will appear.

set image for each part of the day

  • Here you can select the timings and the image as per your choice. The method of selecting the image is similar as mentioned in the above condition. But only one photo for each time of the day can be selected.
  • You can add multiple timings and different images for each of them. In settings, you can also select a default image which will be applied when there is no image selected for any created time of the day.

set wallpapers as per time of the day - default
The settings for other conditions like Weekdays, Month, Wi-Fi networks and Weather are also the same. You just have to tap on the desired conditions and select the images for different days, months, Wi-Fi networks and weather accordingly.
change wallpapers as per day, month or weather
For weather, it will use your location settings and then analyze the weather reports as per the provided location. After this, you are ready to set these wallpapers on your device background.

Step 3

Once you are done adding the images to your desired condition or category, the automatic wallpapers are ready to be used. Just tap on Select in front of the condition that you want to apply. It will turn into In Use.
set automatically changing wallpapers

Step 4

To apply it as your wallpaper tap on Activate at the top of the screen. Then it will take you to display settings, here you can select set as wallpaper and choose whether for home screen or lock screen and you’re done. After this, you can see the wallpapers change automatically as per your desired settings.
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Final Words

With this app and the steps that are given above, you can easily set automatically changing backgrounds for your Android devices. Not only just the background, but you can also auto change lock screen wallpapers. Just set the desired images and conditions and see the wallpapers change by themselves.

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