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Here How To Export Chats And Data from Google Allo – Gives Fun Way to Messaging

Google Allo, a very interesting messaging app which lets you have conversations in a smarter and fun way. It has many features like stickers, GIFs, and their very own Google Assistant. You can use Google Assistant to get help with anything you want, and the good thing is that you can do it even while having a conversation with any contact or without leaving the chat. It has really great options for making chat more interesting.
But what if you have to change your device or switch to another platform? And still, want all the chats and the media received in Allo saved. You can have all the data saved either in your device or on the cloud. This way you can access the media and the conversations, even restore it on the new device you are switching to. Moreover, Google Allo is expected to shut down in March 2019. So, it is another important reason why you should back up or export Allo data. So let’s see how to export, backup or restore Allo chats and its media files.

Export Google Allo Chats And Data

Exporting or downloading Allo chat history and data is very simple, just follow the given steps:

Step 1

Open Allo Chat, and from the main dashboard of the app tap on the three horizontal lines or hamburger icon.

Here is How To Export Google Allo Chats And DataStep 2

Now from this slider menu, select Settings. This will take you to the settings menu, here tap on Chat.
Google Allo Chat Settings

Step 3

Inside Chat, you will see the options for Export messages from chats and Export media from chats. Select any of the desired options and then it will ask you for the location to be saved or the platform through which you want to share this data.

export allo messages and media

The chats and messages will be saved as CSV formats which you can open in Microsoft Excel. And all the media will be downloaded in ZIP format including photos, videos, audios, and other files.

Google Allo Chats Backup

You have to do the same till the 2nd step in the above method. And after you reach the Chat menu:-

Step 3

Select Chat backup on this Chat menu. This will open the menu for creating backups for all the Google Allo chats and data.
Google Allo Chat backup

Step 4

You can select the option to save the backup in the device or other cloud storage like Google Drive. To enable them, switch the toggle button in front of the respective options.
backup Google Allo Chat history

It will also let you customize the frequency and the types of media that you would like to create the backup for. Once satisfied with all your selections tap on BACK UP NOW and the app will save all the chat history and media files.

Restore Backup For Allo Chat And Messages

Restoring the messages that you saved by creating backup either in the device or Google Drive is easy. Install and open the app. After that, register using the number for which you created the backup for, it may ask you to log in using your Google Account credentials.

Restore Backup For Allo Chat And Messages
Once this is done a screen will appear showing the option to restore the backup that you created, select Restore and all your saved messages and chat info will come back to Google Allo.


This was a simple method to export Google Allo chats and data by downloading the CSV and Zip file respectively. You can also use the backup for saving the chats and all its details on the device, or in the cloud which you can restore them later easily.

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