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Here is How to Download Pictures From Instagram in Full Resolution Without Using Any Software

How to Download Pictures From Instagram?

Instagram is comparatively a new app when we keep in view other tech giants like WhatsApp and Facebook. However, due to the ever-growing features and advancement, the app is getting popularity and more people are shifting towards it. Just recently the app has introduced a new feature that let you  Share Stories To Limited People With Instagram Close Friends Feature. Usually, new people have a problem with using the app specifically downloading a picture is considered a heck of a task. People like me usually take a screenshot when they don’t know how to download a picture from Instagram. So this article is dedicated to people who don’t know How to Download Pictures From Instagram.

Here’s How to Download Pictures From Instagram?

There are many ways to save pictures from the Instagram account. However, in order to download a good quality image in full resolution and JPG version, it’s a difficult job. The are some websites that let you download Instagram pictures however they are not authorised. Sometimes such websites come with a virus that is not good to be used.

Here’s how you download Instagram photos in Google Chrome:

  • First of all, find the picture that you want to download. Extract its web link which can be found from the button present on the upper right corner of the pictures. In the desktop version, this button will be placed on the bottom right,

Start by finding the photo you want to save. You'll need the web link, which is accessible from the button on the upper right corner of the photo.
  • Find the URL of the photo in your clipboard. In Chrome the computer will automatically navigate to that URL.

Now, the URL for the photo is on your clipboard. In Chrome on a desktop computer, navigate to that URL.
  • Now find the HTML source file for the Instagram page. If you are using chrome, You will be able to find it by clicking on View > Developer > View Source.

You're going to need to look at the HTML source file for the Instagram page — don't worry, it's not that hard.
  • You will get this:

Here's what you'll get.
  • Don’t read this HTML to download Instagram pictures. this is extracted in order to get the URL for the JPG format of the pictures

But you don't need to read HTML to download the Instagram photo — you just have to find the URL for the JPG that you're trying to download.
  • Now press Control+F or Command+F to search for JPG. It will give a link. Copy the link which will be starting with  “https”
  • Now Paste this link in a new tab.
  • And here is the JPG picture that you wanted

Paste the link in a new tab. There you have it — the JPG of the photo you wanted!
  • Now save the image by Selecting “Save Image As”

Have fun!

This was the easiest way we know to download Instagram Picture in full resolution and JPG format. If you have any better way to share, feel free to let us know in comments.

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