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Here Is How You Can Write Alt Text For Instagram Photos

Recently Instagram added a feature where you can add alternative text to the photos you upload. This addition is basically for the 250+ million users worldwide who are visually impaired and might use Instagram. It will help them get the description of the photos easily while they are using screen readers. So, if you want to make your content more accessible then check out this guide to learn the steps to write alt text for Instagram photos.

Instagram not only introduced the option to write your own custom alt texts but it also rolled out the ability where it automatically creates alt text for your photos. It does that by leveraging object recognition technology. In case you’re not adding alt text then Instagram is doing it for you anyways. That said, if you wish to give a more accurate description or list of items in the picture then you should definitely provide your own alt text.

Now then let’s dive right into the procedure.

Add Custom Alt Text To Instagram Photos

1. Open the Instagram app and start by adding a new post as you usually do.

2. Select the desired photo and filter. Now, when you’re on the final screen tap on Advanced Settings at the bottom.

Write Alt Text For Instagram Photos

3. Next, in Accessibility tap on Write Alt Text.

4. On the next screen enter the desired text describing the items in the image you’re uploading. Tap on Save once you’re done.

Add Alt Text To Instagram photos

5. After that, go back and fill all the required fields like Caption, tag people etc. Finally, tap on Share to post it.

Now, whenever someone uses Instagram on a screen reader and comes across your photo they will be able to hear the description /alt text you just entered. Anyone can easily use a screen reader on their smartphones. VoiceOver on iOS and TalkBack/Voice Assistant on Android lets you do that.


Even though Instagram automatically adds alternative text to your pictures but you can always provide rich and accurate information of your images you’re posting using the custom alt text option. It helps in making your content more consumable. So, do you find alt text handy? Are you going to write your own alt text? Let us know in the comments down below.

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