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Here is Umrah Packages in Pakistan | Compare Tickets, Visa And Other Details

For any Muslim, the chance to travel on Umrah would are the chance of a life. However, People’s found worried regarding going on this trip. What if they didn’t feel something after they got there? What if Muslims traveled all the thanks to the other side of the world, just for Muslims to feel empty and haven’t any connection at such a holy place?

This is one issue within the world that Muslims have seen that is completely stunning and unique. The more we see the more we want to see. Can’t take off your eyes. The blessed feeling of being there in front of Kaaba can’t be expressed. It’s marvelous and prays each Muslim gets to see it and pray here at least once in their life.

Initially, the Umrah expense starts from its Visa method. The new Saudi law recommends that anybody going for Umrah second time will pay 2000 Saudi Riyal as visa charges with the endorsement expense of 400 Saudi Riyal.


Mainly there are 3 Types of Packages;

  1. Economy Package
  2. Standard Package
  3. Budget Package

Economy Package:

Makkah hotel accommodation during this plan is located in the Jamaica area. Whereas the Medina accommodation is in Awali area. The lowest value of 15 days stay ( Sharing Bed) is 18200 PKR that goes up to 38400 with 28 Days stay.

Standard Package:

In this category, the price begins with 19400 PKR with 15 Days duration of stay and shared bedroom. normal plan highest value with double bed hotel accommodation and 28 Days of stay is 44300 PKR. it’s serving the travelers with Feroze Fazeela hotel at Ibrahim Khalil Road in Makkah. With Dar e saman jaded building in Awali area in Medina.

Budget Package:

The 15 Days stay and sharing bed accommodation is purchased at 26000 PKR. most the 75700 PKR price supply 28 days of the stick with a double bed hotel room. it’s prepared with the Asalah Al Sharooq hotel accommodation at Ibrahim Khalil road at Makkah and Badar Anbria building in Median. The gap between accommodation and masjid al-haram is 750 meter. In Madina, the distance is approximately is 300 meters away from Masjid Al Nabawi.

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