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Inspired by TikTok, Snapchat Introduces Lens Challenge | Check Full Details

SnapChat Lens Challenge Takes On TikTok

For the entertainment of users, Snapchat is now planning a new feature called Lens Challenges. This new feature allows users to participate in the challenges by using  Snapchat’s popular AR lens interface to create a snap that is themed to a particular song, dance, holiday, event and more.

SnapChat Lens Challenge Takes On TikTok

The main purpose behind this new feature is that Snapchat wants to increase user engagement. The first challenge, which is launched by Snapchat, is a sing-along with Gwen Stefani’s “Jingle Bells.”. Snapchat users will be able to choose a specific Lens that will let them sing a version of “Jingle Bells”.
To access this new SnapChat Lens Challenge, Users have to go to the Lens Explorer section of the app, where they lip-sync along with the song. Once they have done with it, they will be able to send the snap to the Gwen Stefani Challenge story. The Jingle Bells challenge is created by Snapchat but users can also create their own Lens Challenges.
The SnapChat Lens Challenges seem to be inspired by TikTok, as it is similar in many ways. TikTok is getting popular among the users to the great extent and has surpassed Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat and YouTube in new downloads last month. TikTok is a social short video platform and is growing at a rapid rate.

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