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iOS 12 – Restrict Internet / Sites Access by Blocking Safari with Screen Time

Any parent should be rightfully concerned about the dangers of unrestricted web browsing. Inappropriate sites that spew violence, hate, and racism are rife, not to mention that the chances of stumbling upon adult-related content are quite high. With iOS 12, Apple did what was best — added a ton of app management features with the new Screen Time. Hence, gaining complete control of Safari, the main portal to the internet on an iPhone or iPad, is more than possible.

Ios 12 Screen Time Block Safari Featured

If you are looking to prevent your child from accessing the internet entirely, then blocking Safari is pretty easy to do via Screen Time. Alternatively, you can choose to block unwanted websites on Safari, and even impose time limits on either the browser or sites individually. There’s also the option to manage restrictions remotely from the comfort of your iOS device should you want to. Let’s look at how you do each of these in turn.

Block Safari

iOS 12 allows you to block Safari in mere seconds, thanks to the built-in restrictions that come alongside Screen Time. The steps below should help you do that.
Tip: Screen Time also lets you perform the following procedure remotely. Check the Remote Management section further below for more details.
Step 1: Open the Settings app.

Ios 12 Screen Time Block Safari 1

Step 2: Tap the option labeled Screen Time.

Ios 12 Screen Time Block Safari 2

Note: If this is the first time that you are using Screen Time, you’ll have to go through several splash screens where you must specify who owns the device — you or your child. If it’s the latter, you need to create a Parent Passcode when prompted. Ignore any prompts to set up app limits or any other restrictions since you can do that later on.
Step 3: On the Screen Time panel, tap Content & Privacy Restrictions.

Ios 12 Screen Time Block Safari 3

Warning: If you are simply handing over your device to your child, consider creating a Screen Time passcode (if you haven’t already) to prevent them from modifying the restrictions without your permission. To do that, tap the Use Screen Time passcode option listed within the Screen Time panel.
Step 4: On the Content & Privacy Restrictions screen, tap Allowed Apps.

Ios 12 Screen Time Block Safari 4

Step 5: Turn off the switch next to Safari.

Ios 12 Screen Time Block Safari 5

That’s it. Safari is entirely blocked on the iOS device, and won’t appear within the Home screen unless you explicitly choose to allow access to it in the future.

Impose Time Limit on Safari

iOS 12 also lets you take things further by restricting overall Safari usage with the use of Screen Time’s App Limits functionality. It should come in pretty useful if all you are after is to minimize the amount of time that your child spends on the internet. Also, it fully complements the web content restrictions that you went through above as a means to gain more control over browsing activities.
Step 1: On the Screen Time panel, tap on the device name.

Ios 12 Screen Time Block Safari 20

Step 2: Under the Most Used section, tap Safari.
Note: If you can’t see the browser within the list, either switch the view to Last 7 Days or open Safari for a brief moment — that should bring it up.

Ios 12 Screen Time Block Safari 21

Step 3: Tap the option labeled Add Limit. The graph to the top of the screen denotes the amount of time that Safari was used throughout the day (or week), along with a daily average to help you determine by how much you want to tone down usage.

Ios 12 Screen Time Block Safari 22

Step 4: Specify the amount of time that you want your child to use the app daily, and then tap Add. You can also customize the amount of time for each day within the week by using the option labeled Customize Days.

Ios 12 Screen Time Block Safari 12

As soon as the daily time limit runs out, Safari locks itself immediately on the iOS device of your kid. To manage time limits in the future, tap App Limits within the Screen Time panel, and then tap Safari.

Add Time Limits to Websites

Rather than (or in addition to) imposing time limits on Safari, you can also do the same for time-consuming websites. Screen Time displays all web addresses visited via the browser (along with time spent on each site), which you can use to monitor and limit time spent on specific sites — say social media.
Step 1: Under the Most Used section where you selected Safari in the section above, tap on a website that you want to impose a time limit on. Usually, these sites should have the Safari icon listed next to them. However, social media web apps such as Facebook and Instagram feature their respective icons instead.

Ios 12 Screen Time Block Safari 23

Step 2: Tap Add Limit, specify an amount of time and then tap Add.

Ios 12 Screen Time Block Safari 24

The iOS will block the website automatically when time runs out, while other sites will be accessible without any issue.

Remote Management

You went through several useful ways not just to block access to Safari, but to limit its use as well. But did you know that you can do the same right from your own iPhone or iPad as well? That’s right — thanks to Apple’s integration of Family Sharing along with Screen Time, any family members that you add also appear within the Screen Time panel.
Note: To add a family member, tap your profile on the Settings app, and then tap Family Sharing.
Simply select a family member from under the Family section, and you should find a dedicated Screen Time panel reminiscent to the one present on your device.

Ios 12 Screen Time Block Safari 18

From there onward, you can monitor app usage, block Safari, impose time limits and so on. Just like you’d interact with the device directly. The steps are pretty much the same, and any restrictions or time limits apply cumulatively to all devices owned by a family member.

A Much Safer Experience Online

Screen Time is one of the best offerings available on iOS 12. You can not only block Safari easily but also perform a host of other actions that don’t feel so drastic. Combine it with remote management, and the amount of control that you’ve got is just phenomenal. Check our complete iOS 12 Screen Time guide for more information on how each feature works.

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