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Loved Animated Shows | Here are Top 13 Animated Shows on Netflix to Watch Today

Netflix offers a wide array of animated shows, and new ones keep on coming often. The one thing which separates reality from fiction is the kind of elements that you can bring into the narrative. TV shows that revolve around people (except for horror, Sci-Fi, and fantasy) tend to have elements that are concerned with day-to-day life.

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With animated shows, you get to bring in a whole new bizarre world which is limitless in its potentials, exploding with creativity. Here, we have curated a unique list of animated TV shows on Netflix that you can enjoy at the leisure of your home.


Talk about adaptations of graphic novels into TV shows. Hilda is one of a kind, following the adventures of a blue-haired and fearless girl as she travels into the wilderness full of giants, elves and other creatures. This show takes you on a fantasy ride, bringing in the whole new world of possibilities.

Paradise PD

The job of the police to protect the people from the whatever trouble may lie at bay. However, the police department of Backwater is failing to do so, and this brings in a whole new string of complications. And the best part? The protagonist of the show Chief Randall Crawford is voiced by Tom Kenny, the same guy who did the voiceover for the Spongebob Squarepants.


Disenchantment brings in a whole new world of fantasy to rope in the complications of human relationships. These two elements work together to show what it may actually take to hold on a relationship, and clearly, it is not easy as it may sound. The world in this show does have the potential to develop more, but it’s just enough to make sure that you get comfortable and familiar with the settings.

The Epic Tales of Captain Underpants

What happens when your regular school principal turns into a superhero. Well, this show is just about that. Captain Underpants is created by two fourth grade kids who just cannot seem to get away from their daily misadventures. And thus, they hypnotize their principal to turn him into a superhero who is here to save the day, every day.

Harvey Street Kids

The three Harvey girls have appointed themselves as the guardian of Harvey Street, and a whole new bunch of adventures await these BFFs. This DreamWorks show does well to bring in brilliant colors all over. And did I say that ice-cream is always an option for the Harvey Girls? You may be surprised to know that a lot of events in Harvey Girls revolve around ice creams.

The Hollow

Getting lost has popularly been the backbone of several stories. The Hollow covers three people trying to find a way back home after getting lost into a magical portal with nasty beasts and other mysterious creatures. The show also brings in a strong sense of fashion by decorating its characters with impressive attire that could remind you of David Bowie and even Elton John.

The Boss Baby: Back in Business

Boss Baby has a job and a family life. It’s so hard to balance them both. However, with a little help from his friends and accomplice, Boss Baby manages to pull this stunt. However, the process brings in a lot of humor which is hard to ignore. You might find yourself laughing like a baby, and this I feel is the whole point of the show.

Final Space

Mooncake the alien is cute, but he can destroy planets — such is his wrath. He befriends a space prisoner named Garry, and the two begin to embark on mind-blowing adventures as the space authorities try to capture Mooncake. Garry has no other choice but to protect him. Final Space gives space fiction a special touch, and thus finds a way into our list.

Trolls: The Beat Goes On!

For some, partying is all that matters, and they will do anything to party. The upbeat residents of Troll village run into a lot of ridiculous scenarios that turn out to be quite hilarious for the viewers. The best part of the show, however, is the soundtrack. You will discover a lot of new music as you cruise your way through this animated show on Netflix.

Spy Kids: Mission Critical

Grown-up spies are failing at their job of defending themselves against S.W.A.M.P. And thus, the job has come down to the junior spies who are still somewhere in their learning curve. This action-filled animated show on Netflix is big fun, as the protagonists are still learning on their job, not like they have any other choice.

Stretch Armstrong and the Flex Fighters

Ah, all that muscle in the title! Jake Armstrong and his friends in high school are exposed to certain chemicals which transform them into superheroes (Sounds familiar?). The hard training which these friends are receiving from some of the veterans in the business will be crucial in helping them fight the evil forces.


Castlevania is a storehouse of dark medieval fantasy. Medieval fantasy, when it goes dark, bring in a lot of cool super fantastic villains. The show follows in the last surviving member of a disgraced clan who has not to work hard to save Europe from the evil forces of Vlad Dracula Tepes who wants to rid the world of humanity.

Spirit Riding Free

Horses are amazing! They are hardworking, loyal, and have a strong personality. The show revolves around a young girl from a small Western town who befriends a free-spirited horse and sets on a series of adventures with her friends. She has a strong and unique relationship with her horse, who otherwise is quite untameable.

Tarzan and Jane

Teen Tarzan and Jane are all set to redefine their adventures in the jungle in this new animated show. There’s much to do as the jungle faces a lot of threats and the wildly tames Tarzan has to work with Jane to make the odds turn even.

You can enjoy these new animated shows on Netflix using Google Chrome and even change the playback speeds to save time. These shows are well-crafted to cater to the interest of different age groups. As I mentioned earlier, animated shows bring in a whole new lot of possibilities to provide to its viewers an enthralling experience.
Happy bingeing!

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