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Loved TikTok ( Videos – Here You Can Download Them on Android

TikTok ( is gold for people who love making funny lip sync videos. From absurd movie dialogues to crazy dance steps, this video-sharing app has slowly and steadily raised the bar with light entertainment using short videos. When such hilarious videos tickle your ribs, and you can share them with your buddies. As they say, sharing is caring (I know it’s cheesy, but true), especially when it comes to laughter.

How To Download Tik Tok Videos On Android 1

We shared the best TikTok tips and tricks earlier, and there are many more to discover. For instance, TikTok lets you download videos straight to your Android smartphone. In this article, we will check out three options which will make downloading these clips to your device a delightfully simple affair.
Let’s get started!

1. Built-in Option

The native option to download video works fine if you want to save one video at a time.
Step 1: Open the video which you want to download.
Step 2: Now, tap on the Share icon on the right-bottom corner. If it’s a public video, the Save Video button will be visible. All you have to do is tap on it, and it’ll be saved to your phone’s gallery.

Download Tik Tok Videos 8

Download Tik Tok Videos 83

So, downloading TikTok videos on Android phones must be a cakewalk? Well, not every time. You can’t download the video if the uploader has limited the audience to just their friends and following.
Pro Tip: You can choose who can download your videos through the Privacy and Safety option in Settings. For now, the app lets you p from the following three options — Everyone, Friends, and Off.

2. Download TikTok Videos Via URL

The above method stamps a watermark to the downloaded videos. However, if you do not like the watermark, there’s a neat workaround in the form of third-party video downloaders. While there are many apps on the Play Store that claim to download such videos perfectly, many do not work as advertised. Worse, some are rife with ads.
Finally, I found the aptly named Video Downloader For tik tok (yep, there’s a space) that worked. It has a simple and straightforward interface and does the job as advertised. All you have to do is paste the link and download the respective video.
To use it, copy the video link from the video. Next, open the Video Downloader for tik tok app, paste the copied link in the address bar and hit Download.

Download Tik Tok Videos 1

Download Tik Tok Videos 2

Open the Gallery app and you will find your downloaded videos, sans the watermark. As easy as that!
The app is free to use and download and is one of the best among the lot. However, there’s an occasional ad from time to time. Fortunately, there’s a smart workaround to it. Don’t kill the app, instead download all the videos in bulk. This way, the ads won’t bother you.
Important Note: Video Downloader can override TikTok’s privacy option and lets you download videos even when the privacy option is not set for everyone. It is your responsibility not to download anything which you should not.

3. Get Videos in Bulk

However, if you wish to take a shorter route and skip the copy-paste job, or wish to download videos in a loop, the best app for your purpose is Video Downloader for TikTok – No Ads.
No, I didn’t get the app name wrong. It seems yet another developer wants to ride on the TikTok’s popularity with an app with a straightforward name. This app bridges the gap by removing the manual work and bringing the download option right to the Share menu.

Download Tik Tok Videos 4

Download Tik Tok Videos 5

All you have to do is tap on Share > More, and select the option from the Android Share menu. It will take you to the app’s home page where the download will start automatically. Simple, see.

Download Tik Tok Videos 6

This way, you can download as many videos as you want to keep you entertained during your offline days. Plus, there are no ads to bother you. To add to it, you can access all the newly downloaded videos through the app’s Gallery section.

4. Online Download Option

We’ve covered a few ways to download TikTok videos already, but by far, the easiest and safest way to save videos is by using an online downloader. The TikTok Downloader is a unique web app designed especially for saving TikTok videos online. The app has an easy to navigate interface that works across all devices, and best of all, it has no annoying advertisements. You can download TikTok videos with or without a watermark and even convert them to GIF’s.

Loved TikTok ( Videos - Here You Can Download Them on Android

Loved TikTok ( Videos - Here You Can Download Them on Android

To start downloading TikTok videos, head over to the TikTok app or the TikTok Online viewer, and copy the link to the TikTok video you want to download. Past the link into the box on the homepage and click the red download button. Click on the download links corresponding to the file you want to save.

Bonus Trick

1. Found an Irresistible Video

Fancied a new video and can’t wait to recreate it? Instead of searching for the song, you can record it instantly.
Just press the circular Album icon at the bottom-right corner which will take you to the Album page. Now, hit Record and show the world your magic.

Download Tik Tok Videos 12

Download Tik Tok Videos 11

If you want to recreate only a part of a skit, TikTok lets you do that without any issue. Select the song and tap on the Scissor icon.

Download Tik Tok Videos 9

Download Tik Tok Videos 10

Now, select the portions that you want in your video.

2. You Can Duet with Others

If you have a public profile, you must know that almost anyone can send duet requests. Luckily, there’s a setting which lets you choose your duet partners. Similar to the ‘Who Can Download my Video’ setting, this option is also in the Privacy and Safety menu.

Privacy Tik Tok Videos 1

Privacy Tik Tok Videos 2

Just select the Friends or Off option, if you don’t like the idea of duets.

Go TikTok!

Whether it’s a silly dance challenge or a cool play-a-character challenge, TikTok videos can be addictive and often mood booster. However, do note that downloading videos in bulk can also hog your phone’s internal storage. So, tread carefully, especially if your phone is low on internal storage.

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