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New Update Gives Your Gboard For Android New Look by Light & Dark Gradient Themes

Gboard For Android Latest Update Brings Light & Dark Gradient Themes

Google keeps on introducing new changes to its Gboard Keyboard App.  Recently, we came to know that the latest update for the Gboard For Android will bring almost 50 new themes to its App.

Gboard For Android New Update Is Available For Beta Version

All the users who are running the Beta Version of the App can have access to these themes. There are almost 25 Light and 29 Dark gradient themes included in the latest update for Gboard beta.  The customization options of Gboard will allow users to change the way it looks.  Let’s have a look at that.
Gboard For Android Latest Update Brings Light & Dark Gradient Themes
A few months back, Google introduced Transparent Floating keyboard. It allowed all the users to place the floating keyboard anywhere on the screen. Furthermore, you were also able to resize it. The floating keyboard can even be used for swipe typing. The cool part is that when you leave the keyboard alone for about 10 seconds, the keyboard turns transparent. It allows you to see the text below it.
In addition to that, Google also brought a battery saver toggle in its past updates. After that update, whenever your phone’s battery saver mode is on, Gboard automatically turns to a dark theme. However, if you disable the battery saver then the Gboard switches back to the light theme. It’s a welcoming feature but the fact is that it is reliant on the battery saving mode only. You cannot have access to this feature until the battery saver is not turned on. Anyhow, Let’s see what Google Offers in its latest update.

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