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New Year’s Eve – Google Celebrates With Playful Doodle

Google Celebrates New Year's Eve With Playful Doodle

New Year celebrations have been started all over the World. Tomorrow will be the first day of the New Year. Everyone is planning how to welcome the great Year coming ahead. Today will be the New Year’s Eve and we hope that you must have some amazing plans. As this is one of the most celebrated days around the Globe so Google is also celebrating it in its own way.  Yes, Google is Celebrating New Year’s Eve With amazing and colorful Doodle.

Google Celebrates New Year’s Eve With Playful Doodle

Not only Doodle but animated Doodle. In animated doodle, there are two baby elephants. These two purple baby elephants are wearing green and yellow caps each.  One baby elephant on the left side is blowing balloons while another one is tossing popcorns into its mouth.

There is also a clock in the Doodle on the top, that is just about to hit midnight. As we all know that Google Doodle is a thematic motif to mark special occasions on the homepage of the giant search engine, so we can also see the Google logo in the decoration.

December 31 is celebrated as New Year’s Eve in all over the World. So Fireworks, parties, and all kind of celebrations are going to take place on this special occasion. Many people around the Globe are waiting for today’s special eve with great enthusiasm.

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