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Now WhatsApp for Android Tablets Can be Downloaded Directly From Google Play

Now You Can Download WhatsApp for Android tablets From Google Play

Now you can download the WhatsApp for Android tablets from Google Play but it is only in beta version. WhatsApp is no doubt one of the most famous messaging apps and people are enjoying to use it but they were bound to use this app only on mobile devices. Now they will also enjoy this messaging app on Android tablets.

Now Enjoy WhatsApp for Android tablets

A new report said that the WhatsApp is now available for download from the Google Play Store for Android tablets, but only for beta tester. However, it will offer a limited number of features and functionalities. So many features are missing here but in future, it is to be expected that the new features will be added.

WhatsApp for Android tablets will not work on Wi-Fi devices. You need to have a tablet that carries SIM slot. If you are owning that type of tablet then what are you waiting for? just go to Google Play Store and download it for you.

Moreover, you must have a second WhatsApp account as the beta app is not letting you pair the tablet with your smartphone.

Recently, Whatsapp has also released new features for users that include stickers and the preview feature. It has been reported that WhatsApp is also working on some new features.

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