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Now You Can Use USB Drives in Google Android File Manager

Google Android File Manager

Google is continuously introducing new features in its app. The company has now brought a major update in its Google Files Go. Google Android File Manager Now Supports USB Drives. Now users can directly attach USB with the mobile device.

Google Android File Manager Now Supports OTG

USB on-the-go, or “OTG,” support allows users to plug in a USB flash drive, memory card, or other devices and explore its contents via the app. If you want to offload photos to a thumb drive, you won’t have to track down third-party software. The update also lets you see the entire folder structures for storage both on and off the device.
Also, Google has been redesigning the interface of its software across platforms. Now Google Phone App Gets Redesigned Interface. Google is basically rounding off sharp corners in all its app. The Google Phone App for Android now gets circles in it. The Favorites tab of the default dialer app on Pixel phones had two contacts per row until now, while the other tabs had already switched to circles. The latest update brings consistency between the tabs with circles, circles everywhere, and the contacts are now three in a row.

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