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Organize Your Phone Gallery with These 11 Easy Tips

Majority of Android smartphones come with Gallery app except for the stock Android ones. Those phones have Google Photos pre-installed, which is not a proper gallery app, at least for me. A decent Gallery app has always helped me organize my photos properly.

Simple Gallery Tips Tricks Fi

When I switched to a stock Android phone, I really missed the standard gallery app. After trying many apps from Play Store, I settled on Simple Gallery. Ahem! Let not the name deceive you. It works on all device such as Mi A2, Google Pixel, Samsung Note series, and many others.
The Simple Gallery app bestows many powerful features with a built-in photo editor. So today, we shall talk about top 13 ways to make full use of the Simple Gallery app.
Let’s get started.

1. Turn off Folder Mode

Simple Gallery provides two modes for viewing the media files on your phone or tablet. By default, you will see all the content in the respective folders. But, you can turn off the folders and view the snapshots of the photos as big thumbnails.

Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 1
Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 2

To do so, open the app and tap the three-dot icon at the top-right corner. Then select Show all folders content from the menu.

Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 3
Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 4

2. Play Slideshow in All Images Mode

When you are viewing images without folders, you get the feature to start a slideshow. You don’t need to install any other app to run the slideshow — it’s a native feature.
To play it, first, switch to ‘Show all Folders content’ as mentioned above. Then tap on the three-dot menu again and select Slideshow. You will get the slideshow settings. Adjust them as per your preference.

Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 15
Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 16

3. Change Sort Mode

Not everyone likes to sort things by name. Thankfully, Simple Gallery lets you sort photos in many ways. You can sort pictures by path, size, date of photo taken, modified date, etc. You even get to change the ascending or descending nature.
In the folder view, the Sort by feature is directly available in the top bar on the home screen of the app. If you are viewing all folders content, you need to tap on the three-dot menu and select Sort by.

Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 5
Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 6

8. Change Column Count

If you are viewing the folders in the Grid mode instead of the List mode, you can change the column count. Meaning, you will get to see more folders, thus saving the screen space and less hassle to scroll.

Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 12

For that, you need to tap on Increase or reduce column count setting from the three-dot icon at the top-right corner. Alternatively, pinch and zoom in/out to change folder count.

Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 13
Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 14

9. Filter Media

The app supports various type of media files such as images, videos, GIFs, RAW images, and SVGs. All these will be visible in the app unless turned off.
To filter media files, tap on the Filter media option from the three-dot icon. Then uncheck the file type that you want to hide.

Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 17
Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 18

10. Favorite Images

Most gallery apps do not offer the option to favorite or star individual media files. Thankfully, the Simple Gallery app does.
Open a photo or video in Simple Gallery and tap on the Star icon at the bottom. It will be taken to the Favorite album, which is pinned at the top and is easily accessible.

Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 19
Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 20

11. Edit Images

Not apparent at first but the app comes with a built-in photo editor. It provides basic editing features like crop, mirror, flip, rotate, filters, and more.

Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 21

To launch the editor, open an image in the app and tap on the Edit (pencil) icon. Then choose Editor from the list of apps.

Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 22
Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 23

12. Manage Bottom Actions

You must have noticed the small four icons at the bottom of each photo. These include Star, Edit, Share, and Delete. If you don’t use any of them frequently, you can replace it with an icon of your choice.
To do that, you must tap on the three-dot menu in the app and select Settings. Then scroll down and tap on Manage visible bottom actions. Here enable the action that you want to use.

Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 24
Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 25

13. Change App Theme Colors

Finally, if the default app colors don’t appeal to you, customize them as per your preference. To do so, go to Settings from the three-dot icon. Then tap on Customize colors. You can also change the overall theme here.

Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 26
Simple Gallery Tips Tricks 27

Simplicity Wins

The app is very simple without any complicated design, but at the same time, it’s quite powerful. The above tips and tricks for the Simple Gallery app will make you fall in love with it.
The good thing about the app is that the developer is involved as well. If at any point in time, you face an issue or you want a new feature, you can contact the developer.

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