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Questions Sticker for Music Recommendations in Stories – Instagram New Feature Lets You Connect with Your Friends in Different Way

Instagram New Feature Lets You Connect with Your Friends in New Ways

Instagram is continuously introducing new features for the entertainment of their users and to keep them engaged with this platform. This is the reason that this social network service provider is one of the leading social platforms.  Now Instagram new feature has introduced new ways of interaction with friends and people followed by users.

With Instagram New Feature You will Connect with Your Friends in New Ways

Instagram users will now be able to use the questions sticker for music recommendations in Stories. Yes, they will find this new feature in stories format. Users can also use these stickers to connect with friends follow on Live. Instagram new interactive sticker in Stories also show users a countdown of moments with friends.
Now users can connect with their via music on Instagram Stories by responding ‘ question stickers with a song from the music library. If users want to use the question stickers, a new music icon is available in the app. Moreover, now the camera also comes with some new effects that respond to the beats and sounds of a song, which is present in the Music tab.
Instagram users will also be able to use new question stickers if they want to ask something live from their influencer. If users want to use this feature, they have to go to someone’s story.

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