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Samsung Promotional Blunder – Posted Galaxy Note 9 Promotion on Twitter from iPhone

Samsung Posted Galaxy Note 9 Promotion on Twitter from iPhone

Every now and then, we come across some blunders made by the smartphone giants. Previously, Huawei Caught Faking DSLR images as Smartphone Pictures in Huawei Nove 3i Commercial. This time Samsung Nigerian tweeted a promotional message about their Galaxy Note 9. Basically, Samsung pitched its super AMOLED display in Galaxy Note 9 Promotion. However, the funniest thing is that the tweet was not done by using any Samsung device. One can easily predict that the tweet is not done by Galaxy Note 9 or any other android device.

Galaxy Note 9 Promotion or a Huge Blunder?

One can easily guess that the tweet was done by Apple iPhone. This blunder was caught by Marques Brownlee.

Here is the tweet:

Might as well add “Twitter police” to my bio at this point

— Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) December 2, 2018

After the incident, Samsung Nigeria not only removed the tweet but shockingly also removed the account. However, the critics were successful to screenshot the whole incident. It quite funny that Samsung digital marketing team is using mobile produced by its competitor.

Well that’s one way of dealing with it 

— Marques Brownlee (@MKBHD) December 2, 2018

This incident had also occurred a few months back when  Samsung KSA has posted a promotional message by using iPhone. Korean tech Giant needs to take steps in order to avoid this embarrassing situation from occurring again. Instead of giving free devices to people standing in a queue to buy iPhone, they should give some free Samsung devices to their own employees.

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