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Skype Introduces New Feature – Video Call Subtitles for Deaf People

Skype Video Calls to have Captions & Subtitles for Deaf People

We seldom get updated with new features introduced by Skype may be because the app is old. Just recently we came across some feature which is introduced by Skype after a long time i.e; phonebook support, SMS connect feature and call recording feature. This time Skype has done something amazing, It has started lived captioning and subtitles in order to help people who are deaf or less hearing issue. Both these features in Skype Video Calls will make its way via Artificial Intelligence.

Skype Video Calls will Soon Facilitate Users with Hearing Disability

In order to get subtitles during the call, one should press “more,” or (+), a button which will switch on the subtitles. Tough the captions and subtitles will be automatically scrolled during a call but users can also scroll them out of the window if they don’t want to see them or if they are getting disturbed by captions. People will be able to enjoy captions by updating the app to Skype version 8.

Skype is not the first App, who has done something for the welfare of its users.  Sometimes some features are launched for a really good purpose which surely wins hearts. Keeping in view this, Instagram has launched a new feature for visually impaired users who previously found difficulty in using the app. As these people are in minority, not all online apps are launching feature for minorities of the society.

On the other hand, Instagram is also planning to launch translations for about 20 languages but there is no timeline when this feature will arrive us.

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