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Transparent Mode – Sony Foldable Smartphone Special Feature | Check Full Details

It seems like 2019 will be an interesting year for the new mobile technologies including foldable phones. All the major smartphone manufacturers such as Apple, Samsung, Huawei, LG, Motorola and more are getting ready to release the folding smartphones in near future. Every tech giant is trying to launch the foldable phone first. Now Sony also jumps into the race. According to some latest reports, Sony is also hopeful to launch its foldable smartphones in the coming year. The sony foldable smartphone will be different from the other mobile phone companies.

Sony Foldable smartphone will come with two displays

According to the LetsGoDigital, Sony has filed a patent back in May. However, now, the patent was published later in November. The patent showed a smartphone with two displays (front and rear). These two displays can be set to function in six different modes (three for the front and three for the rear). Basically, they can set to

  • transparent
  • semi-transparent
  • non-transparent

Transparent Mode - Sony Foldable Smartphone Special Feature | Check Full Details

Apparently, users can switch one of the displays to transparent mode and the other one to non-transparent mode. Obviously, Sony will not launch in 2019. But we know that Sony will launch the foldable phone.

Let’s see when Sony will launch this smartphone. Until now do tell us what do you expect from Sony foldable smartphone.

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