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Twitter Ready to Bring Back “Tweet Source Labels for iPhone” Feature After Heavy Users Demand

Twitter Latest Update

Twitter has good news for its users as it is bringing back a feature to its users. Twitter Latest Update will Bring Back Tweet Source Labels for iPhone. The company has removed this feature six years ago. After the popular demand, the company has decided to bring back the source label feature.

Twitter Latest Update will Bring Back six years old Feature

Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey announced recently that the tweet source label is making a comeback. The feature was removed from the iOS app for some reason about six years ago but is now being brought back probably by popular demand.
The feature allows Twitter users to view a tweet’s source label when they tap on the tweet. The source label always shows up next to the date and time inside below a tweet and is meant to offer more context about the tweet and its author.
Previously, Twitter announced through a series of tweets that users will soon be able to toggle between a timeline that shows them the tweets they find most relevant and a timeline that shows them the latest tweets in chronological order. However, this toggle is not currently available to all. But Twitter Will Soon Let You Switch between Chronological or Most Relevant Tweet.

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