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UAE Man Jailed For Jokingly Calling Fiancee ‘Idiot’ In WhatsApp Message

A Man from UAE Fined for Calling her Fiancee

A man in UAE has been fined 20,000 dirhams and will stay 60 days in jail for calling his fiancee an “idiot”  while having WhatsApp conversation. This is quite funny as people in Pakistan keep on calling each other stupid etc on WhatsApp. The man has claimed that he said “idiot” to his fiancee in-joke but the girl took it the wrong way and filed a case against him. The case of this man is published in a report by Emarat Al Youm, which enlightened the evergrowing cybercrime cases in UAE courts.

UAE Man Jailed For Jokingly Calling Fiancee ‘Idiot’ In WhatsApp Message

As such words are considered part of cybercrime in the country, so legal advisor  Hassan al-Riyami has asked people to use their words wisely on social media. He further told that any such offensive kind of word on any social media platform be it WhatsApp, Facebook or any other will be considered a cybercrime.
A few months back another man was fined approx 4 Lacks Pkr. for using such word which he claimed was also a joke. So this is not the first case that someone is jailed in UAE for using inappropriate language in text messages. Back in January, a British citizen residing in Dubai was sentenced to jail with a fine for sending an angry text to a car dealer.
No doubt, UAE is one of those countries who have strict Cyber laws and act upon them quickly.
Here’s how People are reacting to this:

20,000 AED fine and 60 days in jail for a guy who jokingly sent the word “idiot” to his girlfriend on WhatsApp!!!

We have to be THAT careful with the people we chat with!#CyberCrime #UAE #Careful
— Ali Mohey Aldeen (@AliMoheyaldeen) December 10, 2018

Ok definitely not using whatsapp anymore to chat with my girlfriend.

— Aumran Shahabi (@aumran23) December 11, 2018

God help me if my husband tries to pull this… I’d never see the light of day again

— Kirsty (@LifeInExcess_) December 11, 2018

Well, people are amazed at court’s decision but at the same time it UAE cybercrime law should be praised as it means that people there will think twice before bullying and harassing each other on social media. Pakistan is also trying to fight cybercrime by launching several apps where people can report the issue. A few months back FIA has announced a new web portal for registering cyber crime complaints.
Source: Khaleej Times

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