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Update Bring GIFs & Emoji and More to Facebook Messenger Lite

Facebook Messenger Lite Updated With GIFs & New Features

We all know that Facebook Messenger Lite is a lightweight version of the messaging App Facebook. Recently, the lighter version got updated with some new features together with animated GIFs.

Facebook Messenger Lite Latest Update Brings Animated GIFs

The update of the App has brought animated GIF’s. Now all the users can send and receive animated gifs with their friends and family. Before this update, the users were only able to receive animated GIFs. However, now they can send them as well. The Lighter version of the App will also get almost all the customizations that are featured in the regular Facebook Messenger app.

The Changes Brought By This Update
  • Users can change the color of the text bubbles
  • Users can assign nicknames to the people they are having a conversation with
  • They can even change the name of a group chat
  • Now users can send and receive the animated GIFs
  • All Customizations featured in regular App will be available for the lighter version
  • Users can send files within the app itself using the “+” sign

Facebook has updated the lighter version with some good features so that it can provide an improved user experience. The lighter version is rolling out to many countries in phases. A few days back, Facebook also Launched Bug Bounty Program to Reward those who Report Bugs in Third-Party Apps. As a result of this program, the people can report the vulnerabilities in third-party apps and websites that involve improper exposure of Facebook user access tokens.  Facebook will reward them with cash prizes in return.

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