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What is Facebook Watch and How to Turn off Its Notifications

Facebook Watch Notifications 28

Every time Facebook launches a new feature on its platform, you receive a notification. Also, you would see the new feature with blinking red dot on it, almost begging for your attention. I am not sure about others, but at times it irks me that the notification doesn’t go away quickly.

Facebook Watch Notifications Disable Fi

Now the social network introduces Facebook Watch internationally. As much as I enjoy Facebook, I don’t think I could spend too much time watching videos on it. If you too have been put off by the Facebook Watch notification and want to get rid of it, then I shall help you with that today. Here I will share how to disable Facebook Watch notifications on mobile apps and desktop.
But before that, let’s get to know what Facebook Watch is about.

What is Facebook Watch

You must have noticed in the past few years that video creation and consumption has spiked tremendously. From YouTube to Netflix to Amazon Prime, the number of streaming services has also increased. If the video content is gaining popularity, why should Facebook stay behind?
Enter Facebook Watch, a streaming service offered by Facebook especially to its users. It was launched last year in the US first and was introduced globally this year in September. Facebook Watch is a dedicated place for Facebook users to watch videos. You get all the traditional Facebook features for Watch videos such as Likes, Comments, Share, Tag, etc.

Facebook Watch Notifications 28

Besides original shows produced by Facebook, the platform provides all the videos uploaded on the platform by its users. You can access Facebook Watch from a dedicated tab present in the top bar on mobile apps. On the Facebook web, it is available in the left sidebar. When you save a video on Facebook, it is also available under Facebook Watch.

Why Isn’t It Working

Even though Facebook has invested a lot of money on it, very few people know about the feature. Primarily because Facebook didn’t market it outside US, and resorted to sending unwanted notifications. Also, it’s strange that even though when you view any video on Facebook now, it’s available under Watch platform, yet nobody knows that it exists.

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Don’t believe me? Watch any video on the Facebook app, it will take you to Facebook Watch.

What’s Next?

Facebook is trying different ways to engage people to its Watch Platform. Recently, they also launched the Watch Party where a user can host a live session for previously uploaded videos on Facebook. Despite Facebook’s various attempts to bring users to its Watch platform, it’s not getting that much attention because of multiple reasons.
While the social network is also working to release original content on Facebook Watch, we hope to see engaging and exciting videos. That said, Facebook needs to catch up a lot to compete with YouTube.

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