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Which Kind of Music You Like – This App Will Tell Your Apple Music Listening Habits

You might don’t know exactly about your Apple Music listening habits but the new app, spotted by TechCrunch, offers a packaged way to review your listening habits for the year 2018, This new and amazing app is made by NoiseHub, and is known as “Music Year in Review,” It will show you an overview of what you listened on Apple Music throughout the year. It works like a Spotify’s “Wrapped,

The New App Will Tell Your Apple Music Listening Habits for 2018

However, Music Year in Review is not giving you an in-depth detail as Spotify’s “Wrapped” provides you but it gives you some basic metrics that you will definitely enjoy. The app is very easy to use, you only have to enter your email address into the app and then connect it to Apple Music. Once you have done with it then the app will automatically gather your listening data.

Music Year in Review will show you three separate graphics: It will tell you that how much time you spent on listening to your favorite artist on Apple Music, your top five songs and artists.
Moreover, this app will also show you some of your overall favorites, like the genre, artist, and song. You will find the sharing button with each graphic naturally, so you can save or share it with different socials.

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