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Xiaomi Mint Browser – Multi Tabs & Dark Mode | Check All Featues

Xiaomi Mint Browser With Dark Mode is Now Available on Google Play

Xiaomi has now launched its new Mint Browser on Google Play for Android users.  The company has reported that the new browser is light and ad-free. Xiaomi Mint Browser With Dark Mode is best suited for a device that comes with 3GB of RAM or less memory.

Xiaomi Mint Browser With Dark Mode Comes to Google Play

Xiaomi’s Mint Browser is offering a multi-tabbing Web browsing experience by providing an Incognito Mode, Just like other browsers such as Google’s Chrome and Mozilla’s Firefox. The Mint Browser also comes with an inbuilt Dark Mode that helps in inverting the webpages colors in order to make you more comfortable with Web browsing under low light. Xiaomi Mint Browser also allows users to switch from one user agent to another and select the iPhone or Desktop version of the websites they want.
You can see a list of pre-selected websites on Xiaomi’s Mint Browser homepage. By tapping the Add button. you are also able to add your favorite websites. However, you are also able to delete any of the pre-selected websites by pressing and holding their shortcuts. On top of the homepage, there is a search bar, with the help of that you will be able to pass your queries to search engines. You are free to select the options that include Bing, Google, and Yahoo.

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