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You will not Forget Your Phone Behind – Google & Levi’s Smart Jacket is Here to Help

Google & Levi’s Smart Jacket to Warn You Not to Forget Your Phone Behind

Google and Levis have introduced smart jacket almost three years back. Now Google & Levi’s Smart Jacket has rolled out a new function. This new feature is known as  “Always Together”. This new feature will warn you if you are wearing this smart jacket and left behind your phone.

Google & Levi’s Smart Jacket to Warn You Keep Your Phone With Yourself

You will get an automatic alert if the jacket moves too far away from your phone. You must be thinking that how it works? let us explain it to you. When you leave your phone, it will get a notification and on another hand, signature sleeve tag of the jacket will also blink and vibrate.  This is such a great feature for remembering a forgotten phone.
The Google & Levi’s Smart Jacket has touch-sensitive fibers woven into the cuff, with the help of that you are able to swipe or tap on your wrist to carry out quick tasks. Previously, there was also a manual option called “find your phone” that let you assigned gesture on the jacket which could trigger your phone to ring at full volume.
This new feature is such an amazing addition in a Google & Levi’s Smart Jacket. You can also use touch inputs to control apps on your smartphones such as music controls and navigation pings within Google Maps.

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