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YouTube Autoplay on Home Feature for Android and iOS Released

Youtube for android

Youtube keeps on introducing new interesting features to engage its users. A few weeks back, Youtube Video Embeds redesigned bringing new handy features and shortcuts that made things easier for the users. Now YouTube is bringing a new feature for its users to give them more control. YouTube for Android and iOS Gets “Autoplay on Home” Feature. This feature helps viewers decide what to watch before clicking on a video within the Home tab.

The Latest Update of YouTube for Android and iOS Giving users more choice to watch the video Before Clinking on Video

This feature was already available to all the YouTube Premium service users. Moreover, it is an optional feature that is enabled by default when connected to Wi-Fi. YouTube claims this will help viewers make a

“more informed decision about whether you want to watch a video, leading to longer engagement with videos you choose to watch.”

The feature will be available to all Android and iOS users in the coming weeks. However, the availability of the feature also varies from region to region. Let’s see when it will be available to all.
In addition to this, it is expected that in the near future we can get rid of annoying unskippable ads. Youtube will replace one non-skippable ad with two back to back skippable ads. In this way, we can continue to watch longer videos without interruption. This new change is under testing right now. However, there are still no words by Youtube about its rollout yet. Hopefully, this major change will provide a distraction-free video watching experience to all of the users very soon.

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