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Yumnah, Zaid Ali’s Wife Breaks Silence on Negative Comments in Pakistan

Yumnah, Zaid Ali's Wife Breaks Silence on Negative Comments in Pakistan

Zaid Ali’s wife, Yumnah is no less than a star herself. Pakistanis adore the beauty as much as they adore her husband who is amongst the biggest international social media icons.
The power couple has become the center of attention on the internet after they got married. Given their popularity and huge fandom, the pair received a warm welcome on their recent visit to Pakistan.
The duo was even invited at a popular morning show and have been making headlines since then. 
Last night, Yumnah left the internet in awe after she posted a throwback picture to her childhood.
Taking to Instagram, Yumnah poured her heart out about how she transformed from a little girl, confused by the norms of the society, into a young confident lady.
Yumnah, Zaid Ali's Wife Breaks Silence on Negative Comments in Pakistan
Her powerful words will definitely win your heart!

When I was 5, my family immigrated to Canada. This is a picture of me at the age of 10. Growing up, I was never made to feel “fat” or “dark” because my family and the people around me never made me feel that way. The culture in Canada is such that you are not judged based on your appearance, skin colour, or cast but how you act. In 1999, when I went back to Pakistan, I was hit with rude remarks and cunning looks because of the way I looked. I was called ugly, fat left and right. Some people thought I would never get married. Everyone felt the need to give me unsolicited advice wherever I went. And I was genuinely confused 路‍♀️ I would think, why do these people care about my looks? I look great  and if I actually am fat, how come no one every told me before? So I decided to ask my mom … and she said Yumnah, don’t focus on what other people are saying. Your skin is something you can’t change just remember it’s always about how you carry yourself. And always carry yourself with confidence!

Yumnah shared that how her younger self became a target of stereotypes while she visited Pakistan in her teenage years. She was judged on the basis of her looks, skin color, and weight.
Fortunately, her mother empowered her to believe in inner beauty and carry herself with confidence.
This helped Yumna built her self into the strong, headstrong woman she is today.
Not to mention, when wedding pictures of Zaid Ali hit the social media, people targeted Yumnah for her simple looks and the way she dressed up as the bride.
Yumnah, Zaid Ali's Wife Breaks Silence on Negative Comments in Pakistan
Zaid Ali T Also Shared Yumnah’s Transformation Post on Twitter, Saying How Proud He Is of Her Wifey and We Can’t Stop Adoring Them Both! 

I am so proud of my wife, Yumnah. She’s always been confident about who she is and despite the negativity she recieved, she always had a positive attitude. ❤️

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