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5 Ways To Set Chrome As Default Browser On Your Devices – Full Details

Chrome is easily the most used browser globally. More than 60% of the users make use of Chrome for browsing the web while Safari holds the second spot at around 15%. The huge gap speaks volumes about the dominance Chrome has over the web browser market. No wonder it is the preferred browser for most of the users. That said, we all tend to have multiple browsers on our smartphone and computer for one reason or the other. But it’s quite annoying when you click/tap on a link and it opens in a browser other than Chrome. To prevent that from happening you can make Chrome your default browser. Here, we have mentioned several methods which will help you achieve that on Android, Windows PC, and Mac.

The methods mentioned have different approaches but the end result is the same; all of them will set Chrome as your default browser so choose whichever is convenient for you. Now then, let’s kick off with the methods.

1. Make Chrome Default Browser On Android

As there are a plethora of companies manufacturing Android smartphones so the steps might vary depending on the make of your phone. But you’ll get the hang of it after following these methods.

Here I have used Samsung Galaxy S9+ running on Android Oreo 8.0.

Method 1

  • Open Settings and select Apps from the list of options.Apps Settings Android
  • Next, you’ll see the installed apps on your smartphone. Select Chrome.
  • Inside Chrome, look for Browser app option and tap on it.Make Chrome Default Browser Android
  • Finally, select Chrome from the list.

If you wish you can also set any other browser as default by selecting it in the last step above.

Method 2

  • Go to Settings > Apps.
  • Now, unlike in the method one, here you need to select the app/browser that is currently your default browser. Say, in my case it is Firefox.Clear Default Browser Android
  • In the App Settings, select Set as default option.
  • Next, tap on Clear Defaults.
  • After that, try opening a link that needs a browser outside of that particular app then it will give you the following options as shown in the screenshot below.

Tap on Chrome and select Always to set Chrome as the default browser on your phone.Set Chrome as Default Browser Android Also ReadHere is How To Go Incognito In YouTube

2. Make Chrome Your Default Browser On Windows

Windows 10 users have the most number of options when it comes to setting the default browser. They can use any one method mentioned here.

Method 1: Windows 10

  • Click on Start Menu and select Settings.
  • After that, select System.System Settings Windows 10
  • Now, from the left panel select Default Apps.Default Apps Windows 10
  • On the right-hand side, you should see the Web browser section. Click on the current default browser and select Chrome from the list.Make Google Chrome Default Browser Windows 10

Method 2: Windows 8, 7

3. Set Chrome As Default Browser On Mac

Method 1

  • Click on the Apple icon in the menu bar and select System Preferences.
  • Next, select General.
  • After that, you’ll find the option that says Default web browser: Click on the drop-down next to it and select Chrome.Set Chrome As Default Browser Mac

Method 2: Using Chrome Settings

  • Click on the 3 dots in Chrome browser and select Settings.
  • Here, look for Default browser section. Once you spot it click on Make Default button there.Make Chrome Default using Chrome Settings
  • You will have to confirm it by selecting Use Chrome.Use Chrome as default browser macOS


Using these methods you can easily set Chrome as default browser on your different devices. Once you do that, any links that you click in other apps/software will automatically open in your favorite browser, Chrome. In case you want to set any other browser as default then also you can use these methods. Which one is it going to be?

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