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Tools To Find Theme, Plugins A Website Is Using – Full Details

Have you ever landed on a website and really liked its interface? The websites use various kinds of content management platforms like WordPress, Joomla etc. to add themes and plugins. Well, one can easily check the themes used by any website by checking or inspecting the codes that were used to create the website. But honestly, it is not easy to check the codes and read them as it can be very complicated. To make this process easy, we have mentioned a few methods with you can easily find out the theme and plugins used by a website. And even the CMS in some cases. So let’s begin.

Get To Know The Theme A Website Is Using

Well, you can easily check out which content management system, theme a website is using and even plugins it has installed. But you can check the themes and plugins only for the websites created with WordPress.

Find Out CMS For Website

1. For checking the CMS or Content Management System we are going to use a website that is

2. Open the website, and then paste the URL for the website as shown in the image below.

how to check cms of website

3. After this, click on Detect CMS and wait for a few seconds or until the progress bar is completed.

4. Once the website is done checking the URL, it will them show you the result.

find out cms for any website

There you can see which CMS and its version the website is using. It can tell most of the CMS like WordPress, Joomla and many more.

Find Out What Theme And Plugins A WordPress Site Is Using

1. You can check the theme and plugin details for the website created using WordPress with IsItWP. Just visit the website and you will see the main homepage.

2. Here provide the URL of the website for which you want to see the theme and plugins information and then press ANALYZE WEBSITE.

find which theme a website is using

3. As soon it finishes analyzing the URL and the website you provided it will then show all the details regarding its theme and plugins.

Find Out Theme and plugin a wordpress Website is using

The only thing to remember here is that this service will only help you with the websites based on WordPress.

Find Out Theme For A Website With Chrome Extension

1. Wappalyzer is a Chrome Extension using which you can get the theme or CMS for any website with just a click. Visit the Chrome web store and download the extension.

wappalayzer - find theme of website

Once it is installed you will see it besides the address bar.

wappalayzer extension

2. Now all you have to do is visit the website for which you want to check the theme and other details.

how to check theme of any website

Once on the website, click on the Wappalyzer icon and it will show you all the available information like CMS, Fonts, Programming language etc. Please note in case a site is using WordPress theme then the icon of this Chrome will change to WordPress icon while for PHP based site it will turn to PHP icon.


These were the simple and easy methods to find the themes, plugins and other available information of any website and their CMS without having to inspect or go through any code. Do you know any other easy method? If yes then do share it with us so we can share with others.

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