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Apple Music Likely Heading to Google Speakers

Apple Music is Now Available on Google Home

Finally, Apple Music is available on Google Home. Previously this service was released for Amazon Echo only. This was the most wanted feature, and people were anxiously waiting for it. Upon activating this feature, Google Home will play any particular track just according to your need however it will be directly played from Apple Music without any specification.

Apple Music Likely Heading to Google Speakers

Apple Music was launched in June 2015 on iOS, and in no time it has made its way towards development. This is a step forward towards the expansion of the business and will surely lead to the generation of more sales. In 2018, Apple Music made its way to Android Auto. Just a few months later, it was available on Amazon Echo and Google Home. Apple music is one of the most popular music service available in multiple regions.

Here is How to Use Apple Music on Google Home:

In order to use this service, you will have to update the Google Home App and then head to:

  • Account tab
  • Set up or add Music and audio
  • Now select Apple Music
  • You will have to sign in with your Apple Music ID and then it will be linked to your Google account.
  • One can also set it as your default music service.

Apple Music Likely Heading to Google Speakers

All the subscribers would be very happy who will now be able to access this service on multiple platforms. From this, it is evident that in no time Apple music will become the most popular music service in the world.

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