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Facebook Clear History Privacy Tool to launch This Year

Facebook Clear History Privacy Tool to launch This Year

A year ago, WhatsApp announced that it will be launching a Clear History tool. With Facebook Clear History Privacy Tool one would be able to wipe the data Facebook has collected for third-party apps and websites. This feature is quite similar to the way the user’s clear there browsing data. However, a whole year has passed and Facebook is still working to make this feature a reality Yesterday, Facebook has announced that Clear History feature will launch this year.

Facebook Clear History Privacy Tool to launch This Year

The clear history tool is announced by Mark Zuckerberg during Facebook’s F8 event in 2018. However, this tool will completely remove data Facebook received from third-party apps and websites and will also allow users to view which information of them was collected. Facebook has also promised that users will even be able to turn off the storage of this information in their Facebook accounts.

On the other hand, Clear History feature will make it difficult for the company to target advertisements like before if the third party information is deleted.  Only time will tell that whether Facebook will fulfil its promise or this tool will be just a game.

Moreover, Facebook has launched a feature that allows users to sbest Facebook from Tracking your Location on Android. From some years, Facebook has remained on limelight, due to its data tracking issue and extracting user’s personal info. So far the social media giant is not successful in clearing its position but in order to do so it keeps on launching new features on an off related to data security. This time Facebook has launched a new privacy control feature for Android users that will prevent the app to access the user’s location when they are not using the app.

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