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WhatsApp will Soon Allow Users to Sort Status Updates Based on Their Choice


WhatsApp keeps on rolling out new features to remain in limelight. Just a few days back WhatsApp for iOS for WhatsApp Business. Android users already had this app. Now The social media giant has shared that it is working on a feature that will help users to sort out status updates. WhatsApp status update feature was inspired from Snapchat, launched in 2017. No doubt, it was welcomed by people and became a daily routine of many.

Presently the status updates are shown in chronological order but soon you will be able to filter them. It’s very good news as sometimes you don’t want to get status updates from some people that you don’t like. This status feature is even more problematic for those people who have hundreds of contacts and they are least bothered to know the statuses of all those contacts.

Finally, the company is testing a new algorithm that will allow users to sot out WhatsApp Statuses based on their own preferences. The new WhatsApp status preference feature will be tested on iPhone users residing in Brazil and India and with time it will be rolled out globally. There are no words when this feature will be launched for WhatsApp users on  Android.

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