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YouTube Music Adds Auto Support Feature

YouTube Music Adds Auto Support Feature

YouTube Music is a very good app for music lovers however it seldom gets any update due to which it has very shortcomings. Among many other features which are missing in this app, the most important is Android Auto. Till now YouTube Music had to handle this music app manually as it has not supported the Android Auto feature. As this app can be connected to the car in order to listen to music however it is difficult for the person who is driving to manually handle it.
Finally, with this new android auto support, one can tap on the music tab and choose any YouTu

However, with Android Auto support, you can now tap on the music tab and choose YouTube Music as your music source. Then, you’ll have five options that you can choose from Mixtape, Recommended, Last played, and Downloads.

So if you had left the YouTube Music Just because if lack Android Auto Support, you can now come back and enjoy music streaming even while driving.

The Youtube Music Latest Update has also brought a new menu with EQ Adjustments. The Youtube Music 2.59 Version is quite similar to the equalizer found in the Google Play Music app. It will now allow the users to tune the equalizer within the Youtube Music App. You can now select from 12 presets available. In addition to that, you can customize five range sliders.  However, according to the latest reports, this update is rolling out per user basis as we haven’t seen this update in any of our Android or iOS Youtube Music App.



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