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Nokia Android Phones Performance

nokia android phones

IJKGB: “It Just Keeps Getting Better” 

Nokia Android Phones Performance

Performance of Nokia Android Phone gets better with the passage of time whereas, other phones start getting slower.
Because Nokia has Pure, Secure & Up-to-Date Operating System for its valued users.
That is why they say, “we are not in the race of Specs because we sell Better Performance Experience to our customers against their money.”

Facts & Figures

Since 2017, only 21.5% of Android Devices are running on Android 8 Oreo
Currently, Less than 0.1% of Android Devices are running on Android 9 pie
So, Nokia Android Phones are leading with Largest Upgraded Portfolio of Android Phones 12 out of 15 handsets have been upgraded to Android 9 PIE.
These are the new Nokia Smartphones Launched this year:

1) Nokia 9 PureViewNokia 9 pureview

The image quality of these 5 camera lenses at the back is literally mind blowing, check out the samples!

2) Nokia 4.2

Nokia 4.2

3) Nokia 3.2

Nokia 3.2

4) Nokia 1 Plus

Nokia 1 plus

There is also a new basic phone, the Nokia 210, which was launched in Barcelona MWC this year.

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