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Google+ Set to Shut Down

Google+ Set to Shut Down

Finally, Google has started to shut down and delete all users accounts on its Google+ social network platform. Back in October, Google announced that it will shut down its Google+ social network and today it has started the process. So if you try to visit Google+, you will see a message that says that it’s “no longer available for the consumer (personal) and brand accounts”.

Google has also announced that it will be in the process of deleting users’ content on the social network over the next few months. So you can download the content that you have created over there.

Google+ Set to Shut Down

The company said:

“We are in the process of deleting content from consumer Google+ accounts and Google+ pages, This process will take a few months to complete, and content may remain through this time.”

Back in 2011, Google+ was launched by the search giant in order to better compete against the likes of Facebook and Twitter. It appeared with the same features as its rivals including the ability to post photos and status updates on individual feeds. Unfortunately, users were unable to embrace its “Circles” concept and its “Plus One” button.

Google has given the confirmation that Google+ failed to meet the company’s expectations for user growth and mainstream pickup

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