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World famous juice brand Tropicana comes to Pakistan

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Tropicana, a subsidiary of PepsiCo is a renowned juice brand that is based in Chicago. The juice company was founded in 1947 and since then has been known for producing the best orange juice in the world.
Tropicana juices are well known around the world and are sold in more than 70 countries. The brand has just launched in Pakistan with four flavors, namely Guava, Chaunsa, Apple, and Kinnow.
The juice brand hopes to bring the same great taste of their juices to Pakistan which currently already has a competitive packed juice market consisting of companies like Nestle, Slice, Fruiten and more.

Bringing the goodness of best fruits to tantalize your taste buds, Tropicana is finally here in Pakistan. Available in 4 exciting flavors to keep you refreshed all day long. #TropicanaComesToPakistan #RefreshinglyTropicana
Geplaatst door Tropicana Pakistan op Maandag 15 april 2019

All over the world, Tropicana sells both 100% pure juices as well as juices made from concentrate fruit pulp. It isn’t clear whether Tropicana will bring its 100% pure juice in Pakistan or not.
For now, we will only see 250ml packed cartons of the juice in Pakistan which is made from fruit pulp. The company’s biggest competition in Pakistan, Nestle Fruitavitals make juices from 31% fruit concentrate. Will Tropicana sell juices with a better concentrate ratio or will they stick to the 30% concentrate? We’ll soon find out when it is widely available in the country.

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