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Google Marks Commencement of Cricket World Cup 2019

Google Welcomes Cricket World Cup 2019 with Sporty Doodle

Google has a habit of celebrating all special days with a unique doodle be it someone’s birthday, any special day, historical occasion, the company has never missed a single chance. When it comes to cricket, knowing the game is widely loved by everyone throughout the globe, Google always comes with an exciting doodle. This time in order to welcome Cricket world cup 2019, Google has launched a sporty doodle having ball and wickets in it. So, the twelfth world cup 2019 has started- May 30 to July 14, 2019.

This Google Doodle is launched today and is available in all the countries who are taking part in Cricket World Cup 2019 including Pakistan, New Zealand, Australia, United Kingdom, India, and others. It seems that Google has a good planning team, who never disappoints us when it comes to doodle.

Google Marks Commencement of Cricket World Cup 2019

Google Doodle image is made joining small parts in the animations. The second word ‘o’ of the logo is replaced by a cricket ball doing justice with the theme. Whereas, ‘L’ of Google is replaced by wickets as revealed above.

All the competitions will be held in England and Whales. People will enjoy England Vs South Africa today whereas tomorrow Pakistan will compete with west Indies. Moreover, Malala Yousafzai had represented Pakistan in World cup opening ceremony for 60 seconds challenge.

So, let’s enjoy the game, and are you all excited for Pakistan? May the best team win.Best of luck Pakistan.

Previously Google has wished Women’s day to all the pretty ladies throughout the world with a thought-provoking doodle.

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