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Here is How to Make a Logo in Paint 3D on Windows

Think about Facebook, Twitter, or any brand for a moment. What’s the first thing that comes into your mind related to them? Their logo. A logo is significant for a brand. It’s how people remember and recall your brand.

Logo In Paint 3D Fi2

Typically, a logo should be made from a professional designer. But if your resources are limited and you are a good designer yourself, you can try the tools available to you. No. We aren’t talking about Photoshop or GIMP. You can create a logo in the preinstalled paint app of your Windows 10 system. The new paint app, known as Paint 3D is an upgraded version of MS Paint.

If you are wondering, how’s that possible? Well, fasten your seat belts as will tell you how to create a logo on your Windows 10 system using the Paint 3D app.

Create Logo in Paint 3D

Here’s what you need to do.

Step 1: Launch the Paint 3D app on your PC and click on the New button on the welcome screen. Alternatively, click on the Menu option and select New from it.

Tip: Use the shortcut Ctrl + N to start a blank canvas.
Logo In Paint 3D 1

Step 2: On a blank canvas, draw your logo design. Now it’s up to your creativity to utilize the tools provided by Paint 3D to draw a logo.

Here are some of the tools at your disposal:

2D Shapes

Paint 3D offers several elements (lines and curves) to draw shapes of your choice. You can even choose from the given set of shapes such as a circle, rectangle, arrow, etc.

To add a 2D shape, click on the 2D shapes option at the best and draw or select a shape from the right side.

Logo In Paint 3D 4
Logo In Paint 3D 5

The problem with 2D shapes is that once you are done editing the element, you cannot edit it further or change its position. That is where 3D shapes come to help.

3D Shapes

3D shapes not only let you edit the elements anytime but give a realistic touch too. To add such objects, click on the 3D shapes at the best and select the shape of your choice. You can draw your shape using 3D doodles also. Take the help of the drop-down box on the right side to add an effect to the object.

Tip: Use the four icons present outside the 3D shape box to rotate and change its depth and angle.
Logo In Paint 3D 2
Logo In Paint 3D 3

You can even combine 2D and 3D shapes or add a 2D shape onto a 3D object. Just as I told you before, it all depends on what you want from your logo.

Tip: Use the 3D doodle to trace around an existing image to carve a shape out of it.
Logo In Paint 3D 6


I like Paint 3D stickers. That’s because these stickers attach themselves to the 3D objects automatically. Thanks to that, your logo gets more depth. To add a sticker, click on the Stickers option at the best and select a sticker. You can even add custom stickers from your laptop (more on that below in the bonus tip segment).

Once you have selected your sticker, draw it over the 3D shape. Then adjust it according to your wish. For instance, in the following image, I have used the sun sticker and added it to the 3D shape.

Logo In Paint 3D 7

Add Text

Similar to 2D and 3D shapes, you can add 2D and 3D text. All the properties of 3D shapes hold true for 3D text too. That is, you can change its angle, depth, fit sticker to it, and edit it any time.

Logo In Paint 3D 8

Step 3: Once the final design of your logo is ready, click on the Crop icon at the best and remove the extra areas using the dotted box.

Note: For 3D objects, you might have to leave some extra space. You can crop it out after saving the image.
Logo In Paint 3D 9

Step 4: Click on the Menu option at the best and select Save as from it followed by choosing Image format.

Logo In Paint 3D 10
Logo In Paint 3D 11A

Step 5: This step is very important. If you don’t follow it, your logo will have a white background. So to make the image transparent, check the box next to Transparency.

However, we aren’t done yet. Saving it in a format that retains the transparency is also necessary. For that, we use the PNG format, which is different from other image formats such as JPG as it keeps the transparency alive. To save the logo as PNG, select PNG (image) from the drop-down box present under Save as type.

Logo In Paint 3D 12

Step 6: Lastly, hit the Save button and choose the folder where you want to save your logo.

Logo In Paint 3D 12

Bonus Tip: Add Custom Stickers

You can add custom stickers in Paint 3D in two ways — create from an existing image or load a sticker from your PC.

Create a Sticker from an Image

If you like some part of an image and want it as your sticker, open that image in Paint 3D. Then highlight the section using the Select tool. Click on the Make Sticker on the right side.

Logo In Paint 3D 14

When using the above method, the sticker will have the image background too. You can remove background from an image first in Paint 3D and then convert it into a sticker.

Once you click on the Make sticker, open the image where you want to add the sticker. Then click on the Stickers at the best and hit the right-most icon under it on the right side. Here you will find all your custom stickers.

Logo In Paint 3D 15

Add Sticker from PC

If you already have a sticker on your PC, simply click on Stickers present in the best bar. Then click on the right-most icon and hit Add Sticker option. Navigate to the image that you want to load as a sticker.

Logo In Paint 3D 16

Don’t Complicate

As they say, ‘simplicity wins over everything.’ It’s a good practice to have a simple logo that is easy to remember. However, that doesn’t mean the logo should be bland. It should be interesting enough to make a long-lasting first impression. After all, the first impression is the last impression.

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